#Gemakstories: Miroslav Ivanovski – Divisional Manager for Off-Trade at Gemak

Miroslav Ivanovski
Divisional Manager for Off-Trade at Gemak

For us, he is more than just a colleague – he is our dose of inspiration every day.

Mickey is a man with attitude. Always on the go, always looking for new achievements and action. He is convinced that behind every brand there must be a story and a well-designed plan, and his professional life is a big journey that testifies to that.

As our colleague in charge of sales, organization, team development and positive atmosphere. Not only does he work hard, but he is also the king of good humor and stories. His positive energy conquers all who enter his world.
But what makes him special is his wonderful family, with whom he shares every victory and every smile. Living in Aerodrom, a well-known Skopje place for young fathers and bikers. Mickey is a modern biker who rides a skateboard!

Therefore, whenever you see someone speeding past you on a skateboard, know that it is our Mickey, a man who conquers everything with style and a smile – from work to life.

If you deal with Mickey, it means that your life will be full of adventures and action, that’s our Mickey!