Gemak is a company which has been a leader on the market for import and distribution for 3 decades and is also a strategic partner with some of the best-selling world brands of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, tobacco, coffee, food and non-food products.

The widely spread distribution network, which covers almost 90% from the market today, is the basis for the company’s functioning, and the continuous introduction of new procedures, systems and tools for advancement of the work are confirming the dedication for growth and development.

Led by the wish for innovation and courage for new business feats, in 2014 Gemak opened the housing and business complex – Park Residence, the five-star hotel, Park Hotel and Spa, and in 2019 Next Door Park Hotel started functioning. And with that Gemak not only expanded and advanced its’ business with distribution and commerce, but it also set new standards in the area of real estate, restaurant service and hotel management in the country.

Our employees are our most valuable capital. We nurture corporate values and we constantly invest in people, their education and improvement. We believe that only by doing that we could keep up with the trends and to responds to the business challenges of the new era.


Our basic mission is flawless distribution process of the products from our portfolio, beginning from import to the sales point, by implementing the newest technologies in the area of distribution and sales.  

Creating values for our principals and clients by giving top services and partner relations, as well as investing in continuous growth and development of our employees and their skills.

Vision: Success, continuity and dedication to the work process and creation of new business opportunities in order to maintain the development of the company, as well as active following and flexible adjustment towards the changes in the business environment.