Maliqi Group represents a holding organization consistent of 10 existing and prestigious companies which for the last 30 years have been a synonymous example of market leadership and have operated according to top world trends simultaneously on Macedonian and Kosovo market.Driven by the ambition for new business ventures and the desire to conquer as many markets and clients as possible, Maliqi Group has expanded its scope of work in several segments such as distribution, real estate, and hospitality.Gemak, Gekos, Maliqi Construction with foreign investments in Rajana Engineering, Hindenburg Germany, Gemak Telecommunication Services, Enternet, Vala distributer, Parklend, Immoreks, Cactus construction are the companies who inspire progress, leadership, and entrepreneurship in the region by respecting tradition, transparent operation and delivering top quality. The values that four hundred Maliqi Group employees nurture both internally and towards the stakeholders are part of the family heritage and are deeply incorporated in every segment of the business.