#Gemakstories: Dijana Stamenkovik – Administrator in the finance department

Dijana Stamenkovik
Administrator in the finance department

Meet our colleague Dijana Stamenkovik!

Dijana has been part of our financial administration for many years. With her tireless work and passion for work, she is an irreplaceable part of our team.
Her love for numbers and precision make her a true professional in her field.
Dijana believes in sharing knowledge and supporting colleagues. Her enthusiasm and dedication inspire us all to be better at what we do.

She is not only a financial administrator, but also a friend and support to everyone in the team.
But what motivates Dijana the most is the recognition of her work by her colleagues.
Her ambition to do the job right, her dedicated work and the support she gives to her colleagues make her a true professional who is key to the success of our organization.

But Dijana also has a secret, she has another passion besides numbers, she loves traveling to exotic places. He dreams of India in all the colors and smells of exotic spices.
Dijana, we wish you to come to India as soon as possible and share your exotic stories with us from there.

Thank you Dijana for being such a comforting and inspiring presence to us, and for all you do!
You are a professional inspiration for all of us!