#Gemakstories: Jemail Bajrami – Chief operator in Gemak’s warehouses

Jemail Bajrami
Chief operator in Gemak’s warehouses

Every ordinary day in Gemak’s warehouses becomes special thanks to an extraordinary man – our Jemail.
An extraordinary example that there is no reason good enough to prevent him from coming to work every morning with a smile, ready to face the challenges of the working day.

For him, every day is an opportunity to learn and improve.
Jemail says that his colleagues are his main motivation.

But Jemail is not only dedicated to work.
Behind him stands a happy family that inspires him to do his best every day.
In addition to work and family, Jemail had another secret passion – he has a secret recipe for preparing the most delicious pizzas, master of dough and Italian cuisine.
Love for work, family support and secret recipe for perfect pizza alla “Jemail”, made him popular not only among colleagues, but also among followers on social networks.

And he gives back with positive energy, inspiring many to strive to be better, showing that the real magic lies in the little things that make life more beautiful.