#Gemakstories: Darko Conevski- Supervisor HoReCa

Darko Conevski
Supervisor HoReCa

Darko Conevski, although he is employed by Gemak, his office overlooks countless landscapes with vines and incredible sunny slopes and evergreen forests.
When you ask him about Macedonia, its people and hosts, his eyes shine like the sun on a crystal glass of wine. He says, I have everything I need at home!

Although he is an economist by profession, Darko does not stop at numbers and graphs. His hobby, tennis, brings him joy and refreshment, but what really fascinates him are psychology and philosophy. He says these are “disciplines”, on a long journey and that through them he learns more about life and human nature, building his professional path on the foundations of a deep understanding of the world around him.

His secret to successful work is directness with people, he says that a glass of conversation is more important than a crate of elixir.
However, while many may be looking for new horizons or work, Darko remains a faithful guardian of his company and professional calling.
Gemak is the company that entrusted me with one very important thing in life, and that is respect, that is not so easy to find.

We are lucky to have such a colleague, because he is a little more than a supervisor, he is a colleague to respect, who works with passion and love and gives.