Unique winter flavors from the Giffard portfolio, new premium liqueurs and purees

We enrich our portfolio with new premium liqueurs, winter syrups and fruit purees from the French brand Giffard. These are carefully selected flavors that will offer consumers real enjoyment in the new combinations of drinks.

So far, our portfolio of Giffard products has 18 liqueurs and 13 syrups, and from now on the offer includes premium liqueurs: Caribbean pineapple and Wild elderberry, liqueurs: apricot and blackcurrant, syrups: banana, green apple, menthol, raspberry, bubble gum, chocolate cookie, cinnamon and speculoos.

Besides the new flavors of liqueurs, for the first time, we supplement the portfolio with the category of fruit purees. The main difference between syrups and purees is that purees have a higher concentration of fruit, give a more intense taste and a richer texture. They can be a substitute for fruit and are usually the main ingredient of the drink. The flavors that will be available are mango, peach and strawberry.

The French Giffard has recently been present on our market and only as part of our portfolio. Giffard is a family-run company that has been producing liqueurs and syrups for 130 years, made from home-grown fruits and herbs. What sets Giffard apart from other manufacturers of this type of beverage is their commitment to organic farming and the cultivation of fruits and herbs on the finest French soils.

The authenticity of their products lies in the self-cultivation and production of French sugar beet from which sugar is obtained, as one of the main ingredients of their products that are exported to more than 90 countries around the world.

All products from the brand can be ordered online on our web store – https://www.gemak.mk/shop/alkohol/likeri/