Sun Goddess – Wine created with love and passion by the Fantinel and Mary J. Blige family

We have enriched our portfolio with another wine created in the vineyards of Fantinel in the province of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Sun Goddess Pinot Grigio is a successful collaboration of world famous star, queen of RnB and Soul music Mary J. Blige and Fantinel and stands out with its refreshing fruit flavors, copper shades and pleasant freshness.

“The name Sun Goddess evokes memories from my childhood. I have always loved the sun and as a child I tried to catch the sun’s rays and energy. I was fascinated by that magic, so my mother started calling me the Sun Goddess,” said Mary J. Blige of how the idea for the name of the wine was born.

This is her first collaboration with a winery and for the first time she enters the world of wine making. Sun Goddess wine captivates with its uniqueness and specialty.

The choice of Pinot Grigio white wine is not accidental because, as they say from Fantinel, it is a variety that demonstrates freshness, minerality and purity.

Recently you can order Sun Goddess Pinot Grigio online through our web store.