One Doncafé Changes Everything

Yesterday, 01.03.2020 the new Doncafé instant win contest was launched with the slogan “One coffee changes everything”!

All people who buy any package of Doncafé with a promotional sticker on its’ front, will take part in the contest. The prizes are written on the inside of the package, so after opening the package the winner will know if he has won any prize and which one.

All of those who will drink Doncafé until 31.12.2020 have a chance of winning some of the valuable prizes: laptops, mobile phones, television sets and cash prizes ranging from 3.000 to 100.000 denars.

If there is not a single prize written on the inside of the package, then there will be a code that will also get a prize and one will also take part in the “Second Chance” draw and/or the final draw. The code from the non-winning packages should be entered on the website Every participant who has sent a code one time, takes part in all online draws with the same code. Also, one participant could send limitless number of codes from the non-winning packages.

The final draw, when all of the remaining prizes will be drawn, will be on 13.01.2021 and everyone who has sent at least one code will participate in it. There will also be three cash prizes amounting 100.000 denars each.

Drink Doncafé, enjoy the taste of real Turkish coffee and win a prize. Good luck!