6 New Premium Products For the Real Enjoyers of Single Malt Scotch Whiskey

DIAGEO portfolio is enriched with new premium products – selection of the best Scotch whiskies – Single Malts Distillery Edition. 

Every single whiskey was made by using the skills and knowledge acquired through the centuries and has a rich and complex character, the same as its history that started 2500 years ago in ancient Greece.

The blooming of the malt production happened at the beginning of the XIX century when the distilleries from home-based become commercial and produce Single Malt Scotch whiskey for wider use.

The stormy XX century accompanied with the two World wars, The Great Depression and the prohibition is only a proof that quality alcoholic beverage always finds its way to survive and be enjoyed by people.

Today it is consumed in more than 200 countries by people of all classes, religions and groups in all occasions; starting with business deals, holidays, entertaining events and finishing with everyday socializing with friends.

More details about every single one of them are available on: https://www.malts.com/en-row/home/?agp=true

CAOL ILA Single Malts Distillery Editions

It originates from the Isle of Islay, from the most hidden distillery on Scotland’s most famous island, established in 1846. For many years it was only known to the best single malt experts, because not only it was hidden, but also because the biggest part from the production is used as a blend for Johnnie Walker instead of being bottled as single malt. It’s a single malt with typical dry taste, sea air aroma and pleasant smoky notes.

Lagavulin Single Malts Distillery Editions

For most experts Lagavulin is the definitive Islay malt – intensely flavored, smoky and rich. The intense character of this magnificent malt comes from the peat and also from the slow distillation before starting the maturing process in wood casks. The locals say: “Time takes out the fire from the liquid, but it leaves the warmth.”

Talisker Single Malts Distillery Editions

Established by the MacAskill brothers in 1830, Talisker is adored for the salty sea aroma, the earthy smoky character and distinctive pepper finish. Unique, easily recognizable and bottled with an unusually high percentage of alcohol – 45.8%

OBAN Single Malts Distillery Editions

OBAN Distillery is one of the oldest and smallest distilleries in Scotland which has been producing single malt since 1794. Perfect blend between the full character of whisky from the islands and the soft style of the malts from the western highlands. A drink with a particular harmony and softness – a unique taste of mix of oranges, smoke, sea salt and honey.

Dalwhinnie Single Malts Distillery Editions

Made in the highest and coldest working distillery in Scotlandm with water from a lake in the highlands, Dalwhinnie whisky thrives on extreme conditions – creating a liquid which is warm and easily accepted.

Soft and sweet taste, honey notes, delicate spices and smoky notes.

Glenkinchie Single Malts Distillery Editions

Glenkinchie is known as “The Edinburgh Malt”. Glenkinchie Distillery was established near Edinburgh in 1837. Right there in the hills you can see the fields with one of the world’s best quality barley. Glenkinchie whisky has light body with floral notes and fresh, creamy taste. The long fermentation contributes to the light and fruity taste. It is a great drink for those who are beginning to discover the Scotch whiskey and who are looking for a unique taste of single malt Scotch whiskey.