#Gemakstories: Mario Milosov – Gemak Marketing Manager

Mario Milosov
Gemak Marketing Manager

This young maestro heads the marketing team at Gemak, and is a true adventurer.
He even worked in Madagascar, dived into the colorful world in several cities in India, even Cambodia and left his mark everywhere.
But that’s not even half the story – Mario is also a vinyl collector, a passionate DJ and a person who carries his music in his heart.
His path is filled with challenges and they shaped his creativity and passion for work.
He is our young force who not only understands trends, but also creates them.
Now that Mario is part of our Gemac family, we expect him to take the team to a whole new level with his energy, ideas and boundless enthusiasm.

Get ready for an exciting journey through the world of marketing with our leader, Mario Milosov!