#Gemakstories: Kiro Shutinovski – Sales Manager at HoReKa in Gemak

Kiro Shutinovski
Sales Manager at HoReKa in Gemak

Meet colleague Kiro, sales manager at HoReKa in Gemak

In the heart of the city noise, where the smell of a good drink intertwines with the excitement of the night life, you have the opportunity to meet our Kiro Shutinovski – HoReCa trade department manager.
And, through the Skopje fog and the colorful lights of this city, Kiro defies business conventionality, and leads us through that dynamic world. Everyone knows Kiro as a man who is always on trend, who boldly wears his confidence.

His unbridled passion is work, but only if he has adrenaline and speed.
And when Kiro is not devising strategies for work, when he is not concluding contracts, behind the manager’s suit hides an Airport man who wears tracksuits and lives for the moments of freedom on two wheels, to drive a “wild” Honda, and admits that he still loves cyber games.
However, behind all these roles, Kiro is also a devoted father. He tells himself that he loves everything that young people want, but the truth is that Kiro loves everything that is life.

So now you know – Kiro Shutinovski, manager, biker, passionate player and most importantly, a person who always brings trends. He is not just a colleague, he is a role model.