The French Brand GIFFARD Is Now In Our Portfolio

One of the most recognizable high quality manufacturers of syrups and liqueurs in the world, the French GIFFARD is the latest brand in our portfolio.

Giffard is a family-owned company that has been producing liqueurs and syrups for 130 years, made from home-grown fruits and herbs. What distinguishes GIFFARD from other producers of this type of beverage is their commitment to organic farming and the cultivation of fruits and herbs on the best French soils.

The authenticity of their products is in the independent cultivation and production of French sugar beet from which sugar is obtained, as one of the main ingredients of their products that are exported to more than 90 countries around the world.

Their portfolio includes 54 types of liqueurs, 80 types of syrup and 4 fruit sauces, and from now on we will have 18 syrups and 13 liqueurs available that can be consumed in the Horeka segment or purchased online from our web store.

We have selected the flavors of GIFFARD that are the most recognizable and find the greatest application in the preparation of many alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. We made the selection by analyzing our market and the opportunities to respond to even the most discerning tastes of consumers.

In addition to the products for which they are recognizable, their portfolio also includes tequila. EL VIEJITO is a Mexican tequila produced near Guadalajara, made from blue agave. We will enrich our portfolio with EL VIEJITO and EL VIEJITO Gold, white and yellow-gold tequila that tequila lovers will be able to purchase from our web store.