New investment of the Maliqi Group – Magic MG A factory for production and processing of nuts

The latest investment of the Maliqi group is “Magic MG” Skopje, a factory for the production and processing of all types of nuts, seeds, dried fruits, spices, grains, and cereals. The factory, which has existed for more than 20 years in Ohrid, is known for the Magic brand and offers over 70 products with high nutritional value.
With this investment, the Maliqi group, in its family of businesses, brings another industry, production-processing, in which we see huge potential not only in Macedonia and Kosovo but also in the region.

We have been working on market research and product development for a long time, so we are incredibly proud to finally be able to offer our customers and consumers something completely new and high-quality in our market.

From the beginning of July 2022, Gemak started with the distribution of the products and for now, we have 74 products available, but we are also working on the development of new products, i.e. expanding the assortment.

The Magic brand is part of the strategic development of Gemak Trade, part of the Maliqi Group and represents one of the most important pillars for developing the group’s FMCG range.
Magic products are already recognized as quality and are part of the everyday life of our consumers.
When it comes to production, we plan to increase exports in the region, open new markets and increase market share in stores that already have our MAGIC products.