#Gemakstories: When the legend walks downtown-Sasho Buckovski

There is not a any owner or employee in the café`s from Centar to Volkovo who does not know Buchko.

Sasho Buckovski is a distributor and sales agent for Gemak pallet drinks, starting with the best-selling Johnnie Walker whiskey, then Gordon’s Gin, Tanqueray, and of course the legendary Smirnoff vodka.

They say anout Buchko is a city legend and that there is a trophy for him in Skopje. In addition to the nickname Buchko, the city bosses also call him Kaldrma, because he roams the streets of Skopje all day for work, but also Krvopija, because for his 25 years of service in Gemak, there is almost no boss in the city who owed Buchko and did not pay him. invoice.

He signed the employment decision on April 1, so he says maybe that’s why the job is fun for him.

– I’m not afraid of age, I’ve never counted anyone, that’s why I have years of communication with young people. Work gets under my skin, I wouldn’t change a thing, maybe I just don’t want to be free. I don’t mind what to do on the weekend, early in some of the coffee shops, I’m at work, and I’ll get drunk for some coffee out of pleasure. To work with the distribution of alcohol is a trade, which takes a long time to learn. Older bosses or businessmen who walk around the world were rappers who drank whiskey, now gin or vodka cocktails are served. About every 5 years, the trend of mixed drinks changes. Gemak is successful because it has a very good sense of upcoming trends, so we are ready to be the first to hit the market with new products, says Buchko.

He says for himself that he is old school, but that a legend is not created without manners.

Keep going Bucko!