#Gemakstories: Sanja Dimova – Administrator in the finance department

Sanja Dimova
Administrator in the finance department

Meet Sanja Dimova: Aesthetics and Finances in one person
Sanja Dimova is our dear colleague from Gemak’s financial department, who has been ennobling our company for 16 years with her dedication and passion.

Few people do not know that he is an unsuspecting architect and a true lover of aesthetics. It certainly helped her to easily build a world of money in finance as well. She says that both areas, which at first glance are different, are inseparable for her. With a heavy heart, Sanja announces to us that she will retire in 3-4 years. But as she says, she still can’t imagine what she will do if she doesn’t come to Gemak, the only compromise would be if Gemak replaces her with a job in a flower shop.

She dreams of devoting herself to growing orchids and anchovies, flowers that are close to her heart and inspire her with their beauty and fragrances.
In addition, Sanja believes that ecology is an important part of our life chain and that it must have primacy in our everyday life. Her commitment to sustainability and love for nature is also reflected in her work, where she always strives for efficient and environmentally acceptable solutions. Don’t waste paper!

Sanja is a colleague who enters into an adventure with her creativity and professionalism, so even if it’s not a flower shop, then it’s definitely something she gets into with all her heart.