#Gemakstories: Orland Maliqi Oki – Head of Gemak warehouses

Orland Maliqi Oki
Head of Gemak warehouses

Meet our Okie, responsible for everything “on the line”

When it comes to organization, our head of warehouses, Orland-Oki, is a real master, in fact he is as precise as an apothecary!

For more than 10 years, he has made sure that every box or bottle is in its place in Gemak’s warehouses.

He is a man whose hands are always on the move to make sure everything is organized. At Orland Oki there is no room for mess or inaccuracy. It annoys him and that’s why he insists on keeping everything under wraps.

His passion for order, organization and attention to detail makes us proud to be part of the Gemak team.

Thank you, Orland, for your effort and attention to our company!