Don Julio – The best-selling luxury tequila in the world now in Macedonia

We have enriched our portfolio with another premium brand in the tequila category – Don Julio.

Don Julio Blanco is luxury tequila, made from hand-picked and fully ripe blue agave which is the best variety of agave for tequila production. The specific and unique process of distillation in copper vessels, contributes this tequila to have the only fresh citrus, slightly sweet and pure agave taste with a dry pepper finish.

Don Julio has been the best-selling tequila in the world for years, and since 2019 it has deservedly positioned itself on the first place of luxury tequila in Europe.

In the last three years, the luxury tequila segment is the fastest growing trend in Europe, primarily due to the great growth in the UK, but also due to changing habits and the way of consuming tequila.

As of today, Don Julio Blanco is available for order on the Gemak web store.

In addition to this product, as of today, two more premium brands in the category of single malts are available in our portfolio – Lagavlunin 16 and Cardhu 15.