Jul 13


Gemak is launching a new product which contains vodka, soda and guarana.

It has a rich and fruity taste, with a hint of a sour flavour from the guarana.

We expect Smirnoff Ice Double Black to appeal primarily to men and women of legal purchase age to 30 years.

Smirnoff Ice Double Black is best served ice cold straight from the bottle or can.

It’s 4.7% ABV, which is very similar to Smirnoff Ice

There is relatively little caffeine in the brand – just 2.4mg of caffeine per 250ml serve. As a comparison, there is 80mg of caffeine in a Red Bull 250ml serve. Just over 30mg in a cola. And just over 100mg in a brewed coffee. The product contains 0.1% guarana extract; 11.8% Smirnoff vodka; 88.1% soda water and other ingredients of which 8.4% is sugar.

The product will be launched simultaneously in Israel, Bulgaria, Serbia & Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo, Cyprus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Slovenia, Romania, Iceland and Malta by June 2015.

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